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since we touched on This Gun For Hire in our discussion about the cornfield train yard footbridge, (and it has been quite awhile since the last posting of screen caps from los angeles noir film location shots), here are screen captures from the movie

Alan Ladd and Veronica Lake roll into town on the red eye from San Francisco

The Richfield Building gets a starring role as the headquarters for the Nitro Company. (and there's our old friend the snow/southland hotel next to it like it should be, even though most of the image has been matted)

police converge on alan ladd down from broadway into the cornfield train yard

alan ladd scrambles up the hill towards broadway from the cornfield train yards

alan ladd fleeing north on broadway towards the cornfield train yard footbridge

alan ladd runs onto the footbridge from broadway

alan ladd runs past a woman carrying a baby on the footbridge

police yell at the woman from broadway to get out of the way so that they can shoot at alan ladd

alan ladd jumps from the footbridge onto a passing freight train

police shooting at alan ladd from the footbridge

robert preston on the roof of the richfield building

robert preston getting on a window washing rig on the side of the richfield building

robert preston on the window washing rig on the side of the richfield building

what great movie!

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