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Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post
No, not the tv show I never watched. In this 1960 Bob Hope/Lucille Ball movie about marital boredom in Pasadena, in spite of all the motels we see, not a thing happens. I looked along Ventura Boulevard in the vicinity of Fruitland Drive, fruitlessly, to see if anything still stands. A not-completely-in-depth check of the 1960 city directory didn't help--maybe these places are out of range of it. Anyone have any ideas of the locations of these motel gems?
I would imagine that many of the motels that might've existed on Ventura Blvd. would've long ago been demolished for office developments and strip malls during the 1980s. Ventura Blvd. was the original alignment for US-route 101 before the freeway was built.

There are also many motels along Colorado Blvd. in Glendale and Eagle Rock, I assume before the freeways that Colorado Blvd. was a major road/highway leading into/out of Pasadena. In the eastern unincorporated portion of Pasadena on Colorado Blvd., there are a few old run-down motels left; I think they might charge by the hour, being that you also see some prostitutes hanging around in that area. Valley Blvd. in the San Gabriel Valley as well as Garvey Ave. also used to be major highways prior to the freeways; you can still see some rundown motels along those streets as well in cities like El Monte and La Puente. I've heard that street prostitution exists around those motels in El Monte.
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