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Originally Posted by NewDetroit1 View Post
What was built in its place?
The answer to that is posted right above your comment. It was a two story art moderne-esque structure that housed a Walgreen's I believe it's entire history until it was demolished very recently for the steel and glass mixed-use tower MoMo, aka Joffrey Tower.

I found a great book at the library called Chicago, City on the Move by Williams, Cahan and Moffat. It's 250 pages of prewar Chicago. There's some stuff I've never seen before. The ones I find most facinating are ones of transit lines being run out into flat open prarie - the very beginings of some neighborhoods. There's a picture of 79th and Cornell in 1915, and the land is just empty.

There's also some great pictures of subway construction.
I've been wanting to get my hands on this book since it came out a few months back. It's not carried through Amazon, so it has to be purchased at a bookshop like Prairie Avenue or checked out at the library of course. If I understand it correctly the book is an authorized publication of the photo archives of the CTA and CSL before it w/any unseen and unpublished scenes. Sounds like gold.
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