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Why has no one corrected this error?

This is such a huge obvious error, I can't believe that no one has corrected it.

Wreck Beach is NOT a "nude beach"!!!!!!!!!!!

Get this through your skull. I will say it again.

Wreck Beach is NOT a "nude beach"!!!!!!!!!!!

Wreck Beach is a clothing optional beach!

That is a HUGE HUGE infinite difference!

On a nude beach, nudity is REQUIRED!!!!!!

On a clothing optional beach, nudity is ALLOWED but NOT REQUIRED!!!!!!

I have been to Wreck Beach many times, and 95% of people there, including myself, are fully dressed. I would never go to a nude beach because I would never take my clothes off in front of other people. I am from California, and there are no "clothing optional" beaches in California. It would not have been possible for me to see a girl in the nude before I arrived in Vancouver, since I would never go to a nude beach, and there are no nude girls on normal beaches. When I arrived in Vancouver in 2016, when I was 45 years old, I had never in my life seen a girl in the nude. In the three years since then, I have probably seen several hundreds girls totally nude! There are always ten times as many topless girls as nude girls. Unfortunately, I have to constantly close my eyes to avoid seeing nude men which is gross and offensive.
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