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Originally Posted by rousseau View Post
I've been to Vancouver in the "summer," and people were wearing heavy sweaters and coats.
Dude, you're crazy if you think that's the norm. Look at these pictures from mid October - there are people in them wearing t-shirts. It sounds to me like you were here during particularly unfortunate summer weather. Sadly when it comes to weather on the coast, unpredictability is often the name of the game. While there may be periods of poor weather, there are also nice heat waves from time to time like the one we had in early July this year that shattered former temperature records.

Here is a small image with some of the temperatures. Unfortunately I couldn't find a larger version. Note both White Rock (southern edge of Metro Vancouver) and Victoria... very impressive considering they're right on the water (I guess Squamish would be in that boat too). More than hot enough for the Wreck Beach crowd I'm sure. Also take note of Cloverdale - it's a neighbourhood in the city of Surrey, the second largest city in Metro Vancouver.

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