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Originally Posted by initiald View Post
It's interesting to look at the big picture of how air travel is changing, with the decline of the 747 and A380 in favor of smaller yet much more fuel efficient planes with long range.

The old model was the funnel people into hub airports where they would change planes to a jumbo for the long haul flight. Now they are moving to smaller flights and flying longer flights from smaller airports. For example, my home airport of Raleigh-Durham has direct flights to London and Paris.

I think design-wise we will see a focus on future designs to maximize range and fuel efficiency and we will see a lot more flights between smaller markets such as something like Nashville-Stuttgart or Birmingham-Birmingham haha.

Also, probably designs with more modular interiors that can quickly be changed seating arrangements based on AI analyzed trends. If a flight starts selling more first class seats, a quick change will allow them to add in more first class seating during a turn around. (just spit-balling an idea).
This needs to happen.
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