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Originally Posted by initiald View Post
I don't think we are giving enough credit to the amazing advancements in design and technology of modern jetliners like the 787.
i'm fully aware that the guts of a 787 are an entirely different universe of modern technological wizardry compared to a 707, but as i have stressed now a couple of times, this thread is about the similarity in the overall form of modern jetliners over the past 6 decades. yes, other arrangements were tried (and abandoned) over the years (the concord, trijets, "T" tails, etc.), but all modern full-size jetliners that are being built today still follow the same basic overall form first laid out by the 707 back in the 1950s.

noting this isn't so much a criticism of contemporary aviation engineering as it is a testament to how freaking far the 707's designers knocked the ball out of the park when they first conceived the aircraft so many decades ago. i stand in awe of the 707.
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