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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
Given that Foster's design was specifically for investment banks, with huge trading floors and banking bullpen floors, the chance of the Foster tower being developed outside of NYC (or maybe London) would be somewhere around zero.

Comcast, as a media company, probably has similar space needs as a Newscorp, though why would they need more office space? They already have tons and tons of space.
You do know that Foster designed CITC (or Comcast #2) which is currently under construction.

And Liberty Property (the development comp. Comcast worked with for Comcast Center and CITC) and Comcast have already acquired almost an entire city block diagonal to where CITC is being built.
All I'm saying is they aren't buying up all that land for nothing. They are planning for the future- long term, and they already have a great relationship with Foster -- so who knows?!
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