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I was thinking about this earlier as I was bored at work, and when we are bored, the mind wanders. Often in a tangent.

Hunser, as you are a math expert, can you devise an equation for the probability of a supertall rising in Manhattan on a neighborhood basis given:

A) Land availability
B) Average sq ft price and the change per quarter
C) Demand when it comes to all different types of office and residential
D) What tower height would be needed to make a long term profit necessary
E) Supertall probability per block in Midtown (essentially like a zillow map of property values, only with the chance of a tall tower rising).

I'd be cool to see some math involved to figure out which neighborhoods have the highest % of one rising. Its probable that as land becomes ever more scarce, parcel prices increase, that "X" amount of floors and heights will be need to recuperate costs and make it profitable in the future.

I guess this is an unofficial PhD thesis I am asking of you. I don't even know it its possible, but its an idea. Good exercise using differential equations one could say.

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