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Originally Posted by Don B.
Of course, I'd freeze anywhere in the Bay area, unless I were inland where it is hotter.
where, tracy?

an excerpt from another piece on the TI plan, this one with a more critical take [for the full article--and some purty renderings--click the ellipsis below]:

> PLACE | SF 03 17 06
Morris Newman

Treasure Island has nearly every necessary feature to make it the most exciting new residential development in San Francisco. This 403-acre island just a few minutes north of the city's Ferry Terminal has superb views of both downtown San Francisco and the other bay islands. It has dozens of acres of greenfields and an environmentally sensitive coastline, to make it a regional eco-attraction. And the island, with its 125-acre companion,Yerbe Buena, are close enough to the city to become a self-contained, functional neighborhood.

And for a city in perpetual need of new housing, Treasure Island joins Mission Bay as San Francisco's two largest home-building opportunities.

What could be lacking? Start with a coherent urban design.

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