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Originally Posted by FredH View Post
Here is another place that is not around anymore.

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Lion country Safari was down in the Irvine/Laguna Hills area, off the 405 Freeway.

We were there around 1975-1976.

It was kind of fun. You drove around in your car, and the animals wandered around loose.

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You stayed in your car, unless you wanted to be part of lunch.

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It lasted until about 1984 , when they realized that there was more profit in building expensive houses.
My mom took me there when I was a kid, FredH. It's hard to imagine such a place existing today; your car door was the only thing between you and the lions.

Nowadays, you'd probably get some idiot Instagram “influencer” running out to pose for pictures with the lions. I don't know how/if the laws were different back then, but such a place seems like it would be impossible to insure nowadays.
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