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I love the design work of the Library. Bravo!

As far as the hotel/motel chains, I never get my expectations up over their designs, unless they built/designed in a foreign country.

Interestingly, having viewed cities around the world that have our hotel/motel chains, the architecture in many parts of the world is far more exciting than the motels/hotels they build here, and why is that? City council members too afraid to put their foot down and demand a more attractive building, fearful they'll go elsewhere?

I wouldn't stay in any of those places, largely because I love the older motels with wraparound aisle balconies like the older Motel 6's. No balcony, ain't stayin' there even if they offered me a room for free!

My A/C has been out so I've been staying at the Travel Inn, an older 2 story motel with a concrete floor on the 2nd floor, and where I can circle the entire 2nd floor outside using those wide aisle balconies. I'm happy there as a pig rolling in poop!
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