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Originally Posted by KevinFromTexas View Post
It's not a huge decrease in height, but statistically, it will drop it below 360 Condos' spire, but still about 100 feet above its roof.
True, but 600' figuratively raises the bar for Austin. Just an additional 27 feet higher...It shouldn't really matter to me, but if it didn't, I wouldn't be logging on here several times a day. Its frustrating in a very minor way when developers stop short of a significant milestone, 39 floors instead of 40, 573' instead of 600', 683 instead of 700', and 6X so close to 900'. Technically inaccurate as it may be, I choose to round up just for the hell of it anyway. Build a 980 room hotel and I'll call it 1000 rooms. If those extra 20 people show up for a room and come after me, I'll stop I suppose.
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