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It's weird, because Ford has always been the most conservative and least risky of the Big Three. But Bill Ford, Jr. ended up being a really eccentric and unconventional person. His great-grandfather is rolling over in his grave knowing that Bill is going in big on Detroit...and that's a good change. Henry hated urbanism and thus he disliked the hustle-and-bustle of Detroit (it's why the company never left Dearborn), even as his business help drive the city to grow further and further out from tis center. Oh, the irony.

Anyway, 5,000 employees over the next few years is going to be something significant for Corktown, to put it lightly. There weren't even 1,500 in this whole area at the 2010 Census. I'm really interested to see how Ford handles all of this new traffic. Will they run some commuter rail up from behind the station to Dearborn? Will they take their ridersharing service to the next level? Will there be some express service (light rail or bus) on Michigan Avenue? I do hope they aren't planning for everyone to come to work in their individual cars, because even as wide as Michigan is, that'd would be a nightmare.
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