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Mystery of "What's under the tent?"

I know that we have previously seen THIS photograph of the old RCA Victor Studios [1510 Vine Street] on NLA.

But this photograph, taken around the same period of time (late 1950s?), shows a temporary tent set up on the front lawn.


If you look closely, there are a group of boys men admiring, what appears to be, a futuristic airplane. (it might be a BELL X-1)


And, in front of the tent, there is a yellow banner advertising the radio show, Truth or Consequences. (1940 - 1957)

I've been trying to figure out the connection between the mystery airplane and the radio show but I need some help.

We can't ask this dude because he was on his cell phone and didn't notice the tent.

I tried to find the old post but the search word "victor" gave me over five pages of results. To narrow it down, I tried "rca victor" and received ZERO results.

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