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Originally Posted by chris08876 View Post
The facade has a hint of psychedelia in its apparent appearance when staring at it. The way it shifts hues within the facade depending on the light and most importantly, the angle of perspective. In otherwords, it becomes a new tower facade wise depending if one is looking at it from the North, South, East/West.

As seen in the pic set in post #6538 by BVictor1.

This particular shot I really like by BVictor 1:

Almost as if the tower is breathing.

Not many towers can pull this type of look off where its a treat for the eyes depending on the direction one is facing. The view from the harbor/lake is one of the weakest perspectives IMO, but the angle above, is bravo!

I don't want to say it doesn't look good from a far, but the angle one is viewing this matters IMO. Like from the Park, Grant Park I believe, it is not its best moment, but from a river angle, its amazing.
Spot on
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