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I typically just say "no, sorry" when approached. When I get a longer sob story or something I say sorry again and keep walking eventually ignoring them. I've yet to encounter a really aggressive panhandler. Maybe I don't look like someone they think they can intimidate into giving them money. I'm pretty tall ha.

I basically ignore the ones on the side of the road/freeway off-ramps. Although I've seen a couple of those actually picking up the trash on the ramp in between the red lights when cars are moving. I respect that and will probably give them something the next time I see that.

The lack of any kind of self or societal respect many of them have is highly annoying, especially the amount of litter they create. So when the odd guy actually recognizes that and picks up trash, I appreciate that. Even if it may just be a ploy to get people to give them more money (I'd imagine it works).
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