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My city is Stereotypical a "giant Suburb" but the central neighborhoods and areas around the various city centers of Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix and Glendale are actually pretty urban.

But being a western city and very new its fully "multi-nodal" with people commuting out to job centers in neighboring suburbs almost as much as they commute in to the city core. (seriously is like a 55-45 kind of flow) the central city has the highest density of jobs in the metro but suburban employment areas are pretty big.


If we are discussing rivalry and animosity, the East Valley (eastern Suburbs) are the wealthier, denser and more white collar side of the city, looks down on the "working class" west valley while the west valley generally sees the East as snobbish and overpriced. Scottsdale for a long time sat atop the pile as King of shit mountain but Scottsdale has really lost its aloofness in the last 10 years or so as Tempe and Phoenix have grown more urban and had a lot of gentrification. Scottsdale as a city has been fairly stagnant comfortable in its superiority until the last 18 months.

Now the fastest growing part of Scottsdale is actually just over the border in Phoenix (Kirkland area)

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