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I know this is off topic, but I am cross-referencing filming locations from old TV shows and thought maybe one of you L.A. historians might recognize this building, which I suppose is somewhere in the Greater Los Angeles area.

The screen grabs are from productions that aired in 1985, but since they are stock footage from film libraries, they might have been photographed earlier.
This first link shows the property in daylight. It is a screen grab from # 4.20 of "The Fall Guy", a 1985 episode entitled "Spring Break". It's just an establishing shot -- no scene for this episode was filmed at that location.
There are two guards visible in the clip from "The Fall Guy", one on the balcony on the right and another one between the trees more to the left. This second link is just to show the size and height of the building in question.

The same property was featured in an explosion on "Falcon Crest" in 1985. That was stock footage, too. "Falcon" never filmed there either. Here are screen grabs from
"Falcon Crest":

Sorry I was unable to post the photos right here. I tried to add them, but they remained invisible. So I added the links.

Does anyone have any idea what and where this might be?
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