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mystery bridge

I was looking through the Huntington Library photo collection and found this one which I don't remember seeing here:

Huntington Library

It's labeled: "Street scene in Los Angeles, showing a man in the road at a distance, and streetcar tracks going down the middle of the street. Buildings line the unidentified street." Where is this?

This photo is zoomable and shows some interesting details.

On the left is a billboard for "Maier" (brewery?). On the right is a sign which says (I think) "Railroad - Look Out". A man is standing in the middle of the street holding some sort of flag. Is he a flagman for the railroad? Further down the street are a series of barriers dividing the street into thirds.

The obvious location clue is the ad for the Diamond Coal company. Also, looking closely at the right edge of the photo, we can see a street number on a building which looks like 608.

I looked at the 1910 CD for Diamond Coal and found:

There are a number of addresses associated with the Diamond Coal company. The addresses on W 3rd and S Main seem highly unlikely, given the sparseness of buildings. So I looked at the Aliso address in the 1910 Baist Bros atlas:

The building with "608" is marked on the Baist map as "Cracker and Candy." I searched for 608 Aliso in the 1909 CD and found the Kahn-Beck Co., cracker manufacturers, at 600-608 Aliso. (Not sure I'd like to eat crackers produced right next to a coal yard and an oil-and-gas plant across the street.)

So we are looking down the Aliso Street Bridge, with the barriers shown on the 1896 Sanborn, providing separate lanes for "foot passengers", wagons and street cars.

Lastly, this image from KCET from a few years later (?) shows the same pole constructions over the roadway that the original photo has:

HossC posted on this subject 6 years ago.
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