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Originally Posted by Nouvellecosse View Post
The poor get around by driving and parking their cars in Manhattan?
Nice strawman there. Let me argue in the opposite direction: the rich are the only people who drive cars through Manhattan?

Even if that were true, then lets reaffirm that practice and make it even harder to drive so the poor have no option other than to be packed in like sardines should they wish to travel through NYC. Though depending on how your define "poor," I'd lump the middle class who by many reports are a paycheck away from poverty(that might be a bit over exaggerated but isn't far from the truth) who will also be adversely affected by this.

But with your logic, it's already expensive to drive and park in Manhattan, so why not make it harder? At that rate, let's give the money that car drivers are paying to drive through the city on top of the taxes and other associated costs to drive they already pay and give it infrastructure that won't benefit them and arguable make driving worse.

I fully support drivers paying for mass transit in a way where everyone pays for it like coming from sales taxes, property taxes, well, almost anything that isn't congestion pricing or tolling interstates.
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