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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
'mystery' location

The negative for this photograph was on eBay a couple months ago.

If I remember correctly, the seller mentioned Glendale (as well as Los Angeles)

It looks like there might be a diagonal track crossing the two parallel tracks.
I'm gonna go out on a limb here.

First, I want to believe that this is shot at the intersection of San Fernando Road and Doran St looking SSE, just past the 134 Ventura Freeway overpass. I used to shop at an industrial supply place on Doran around there in the 1980's, and I think the Levitz sign was at that location, even though the Levitz building was further south.

Second, along the lines of Levitz and the diagonal spur, this could also be at a crossing that no longer exists, further SSE from Doran, where Cutter St meets W San Fernando Road on the west side of the tracks, and where W California Ave meets San Fernando road on the east side of the tracks.

The Levitz may have been where Cutter and Exchange come together, where Cinelease stands. The Cinelease roof sign kinda has a Levitz feel to it, though the size and shape aren't completely true.

Or, I might just be having a stoke.
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