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Originally Posted by tovangar2 View Post
The only mention I could find of a possible match was the Don Antonio Feliz Manor House here: (fourth to last paragraph) which was supposedly demolished in 1921. (this is just a guess - where'd you get the photo?))
All images are from LAPL. Knowing more about the original collection might provide more history, but except for the skimpy source notes indicating Griffith Park, these images could easily be music video stand-ins from Amador County or Spahn Ranch.

Last image by H Schultheis, probably has nothing to do with Griffith other than its nearby location and the fact that it is dated (1937). It looks well constructed and very livable. Notably, it sports an orb that could have been sourced from one of your favorite street lights - when no one was looking!

"View of the old brick building at Griffith Park."

"View of a little brick house whose entrance and windows are sealed, and showing structural damage."

1937 - "A brick building on Vermont Avenue [on Mt. Hollywood] on the way to Griffith Park." Herman J. Schultheis Collection

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