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Unitarians & Baptists meet again/Allison & Allison/Loyalty Oath

Originally Posted by GaylordWilshire View Post

From what I can glean, the church was built in 1883 as the First Congregational Church, which then sold it to the Central (or First, per some sources) Baptist Church, which then sold it to the Unitarians. The article at top does not state clearly that the building was moved from Hill & 3rd to 925 S Flower and attempts to infer that is a new building ("admirably adapted to the needs of the modern church"). While the First Unitarians built anew on West 8th Street.
(T)here are ads for church services at 925 S Flower by the First Church of the Apostles in the mid-'30s and by the Bible Faith Church as late as 1944. Seems like there would be some pics, but I haven't seen any yet.
Thank you so much GW. They left the silly "party hat" behind, which is exactly what I was hoping for. There was no structural sense to it. I don't mind the new porch. It's obviously useful.

The Times writer does seemed to have phoned it in, but, in all fairness, I think the interior must have been almost completely remade after the move, so maybe that, combined with the missing, but unlamented, steeple was enough to confuse the Times.

I am very familiar with the new church on 8th (Allison & Allison, 1926). It's a corker.


Allison & Allison also did the Janss Dome in Westwood, Royce Hall at UCLA, the Variety Arts Center in DTLA, One Bunker Hill, Beverly Hills P.O.
& just to bring it full circle, the First Baptist Church at 8th & Westmoreland.

BTW, if I may hark back to it, this is the congregation that started the suit, which went to the Supreme Court, that ended Loyalty Oaths.

Is there anything you can't pull out of that amazing sleeve of yours? Because now you've got me wanting to see the church on 7th,
between Hill & Broadway, which only existed from 1889 to 1891, before burning down, necessitating the move to 3rd & Hill. Not much time to get a shot of it. Maybe nobody did.

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