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Dr. Ruth J. Temple


Google Street View

Dr. Ruth J. Temple, whose office at 4920 S. Central Avenue is in the cottage at left in both shots, was an amazing woman--the first black woman graduate of Loma Linda University, tireless in her efforts to improve the health of southeastern L.A. and the city as a whole. She was appointed the city's first health officer in 1942 and was recognized as an authority in the field of obstetrics. The cottage above needs a historical marker, but it's amazing to me that the configuration of the blockfront has remained basically the same for 80 years--even the telephone pole and wires looks the same. (The wood and wires can't be the same, can they?)

Later she lived here (shamelessly tooting own horn):

gs: Thanks for the kudos but mainly thanks for all these great posts, of the Beaudry, Fort Moore Hill, and the Richfield. I agree with ethereal --that Richfield article makes me crazy. But I'm glad pieces are being found.

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