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Originally Posted by photolitherland View Post
The Woodlands is actually turning into quite the urban oasis in a desert of banal sprawl. They are actually developing super dense neighborhoods and dense low-high rise apartment blocks near the mall. Last time I was there a couple months ago, they were in the process of building a new urbanist community that looked just like New Orleans, like it could have fooled me and the development was huge, probably at least 300 acres or more of dense new urbanist development. Pretty amazing to be seeing that kind of stuff in a burb of Houston. Most of the dense development taking place cant be seen on this photo.
For a suburb, it's pretty "urban" and designed very well. I wouldn't say it's urban in the sense that the word is usually used here, but I have nothing but good things to say about what I've seen in the Woodlands. I think the natural setting helps; it's a beautiful community. The aerial photo above doesn't do it justice and only shows part of the Woodlands.
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