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Originally Posted by Viperlord View Post
TOD - Market Station -South Salt Lake

they have updated their website....

Everything you need, steps from your door.
As an urban village, Market Station is purposefully designed to enhance city living. It is an environment that focuses on facilitating the daily acitivities of living, shopping, and working within an environmentally friendly, self-sustainable community. At Market Station, you'll find shops, townhomes, and offices within steps of each other. Without a car, commute or traffic, you can run errands, buy concert tickets, mail packages.
Located at 2100 South and State Street, Market Station features more than 50 retailers and 250,000 sq. ft. of Class A office space. It offers 600 housing units, ranging from studio apartments to luxury penthouses.
Market Station is a turning point in the reinvention of South Salt Lake. With the cooperation of City leaders, you will be an integral part of a renaissance. The complex's overall style is an eclectic mix of modern, classic and industrial and traditional - different components working together.

I am really excited about what this project will bring to SSLC. I would love to see the area East of I-15 and North of I-80 turn into a really dense urban area. You got sugarhouse, Market Station, Downtown SLC, Gateway, The Avenues, The Uof U University, Franklin Covey area...etc...
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