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I'm excited for the new Light Rail Trains that have been ordered. While the current ones are to bad, except for the few really ugly monster trains (we all know which ones I'm talking about). These new trains will really spiffy the place up.

If you think about the frequencies, on average there is a train through downtown about every 7 minutes as the two existing lines come through. When the mid-jordan line is finished it will probably be about every 5 minutes through downtown and when the West Valley line is complete I would make sense for frequency downtown of every 2.5 to 3 minutes. That would result in an eventual 5 minute frequency between Gallivan and 2100 S and 7 minutes from 2100 S to 6400 S.

I think those increases in frequency will coincide with the increase in residents living in TOD's, especially those along the Sandy line that are popping up in Murray. I really anticipate other cities rezoning for TOD along the mid-jordan and WVC lines, it will increase their tax base without a huge impact on their existing street grid.

For the Metro's size it really seems to be aggressive, and successful with transit.
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