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Originally Posted by Cirrus View Post
Very cool. The frequencies on the commuter rail are impressive. But why didn't they use the old station as the hub?
Ideally, when the Gateway shopping center was developed just behind the old UP Depot, they would have made accomodations for future rail service to the original station. Unfortunately Gateway was built like 8 years ago and nobody had the foresight or money to make a way to integrate rail into the mix. It would have been a huge boon for the developer to have thousands of commuters each day making their way through the project.

I think that most agree that it would have been awesome to use the one of the two depots in Salt Lake and Union Station in Ogden as hubs, but it would have been wildly expensive to do so, especially in Salt Lake as the tracks have been relocated and neither stations sits adjacent to the line any more.

It would have required going underground with the tracks.
Plus all of the three original stations are being used, either as restaurants or museums or retail and the like. Its not like any of them are just sitting there faliing apart.
In the end, I'm just happy to have commuter rail at all in Salt Lake, and happy that our historic depots haven't been demolished.
Not saying that its perfect, just that I'll take what I can get.

Here is the other depot in Salt Lake (The Rio Grande):

And Union Station in Ogden (Wchich would have been the best candidate for re-use since it is right on the FrontRunner line):

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