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Originally Posted by srperrycgy View Post
Congrats on the Commuter Rail!

Are there any LRV purchases required for TRAX?

The frequencies are low, but that's probably all the demand there is for the service right now.

I noticed quite a few future LRT projects on the website, how bad are your NIMBYs?
As an Angelino, one of the things that has impressed me most about this Metro, is the way they are embracing and supporting the Commuter Rail advent. Salt Lake Metro is booming, and the people seem deternined to keep up with new lines opening and others beginning construction like crazy. As far as NIMBY's, there has been one upscale community, (Draper) which is asking for a route adjustment. But so far every town council is screaming for their own line. Mayors and Councils are loving the mixed-use TOD's that are going up all along the commuter corridors.

I've never seen such clamoring for mass-transit by the general populace. I think a lot of it has to do with so many newbys moving in from the coasts, where commuter rail is prevalent. Also, there's a significant part of the adult population which have served as missionarys in all parts of the world, where of course commuter service is highly valued.

As far as scheduling frequency, that will continue to increase as new lines continue to open and the ongoing boom of TOD's, a new stadium, and the 'Downtown density boom' comes on-line.
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