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Hey Zilfondel, There was the inaguration yesterday of both the 'Commuter FrontRunner,' (heavy rail) and also the new '400 West TRAX lightrail line' was just completed. Both are shown in SLCrising's pics.

FrontRunner service starts amid festivities - Officials hail return of cummuter rail to Utah,00.html

Kids and Trains, "You got to love it!!"

( Keith Johnson, Dereret News)

(Keith Johnson, Deseret News)
A FrontRunner Commuter-rail train arrives Saturday at the new intermodal hub in Salt Lake City. ( Keith Johnson, Dereret News)

Children line the tracks at the Farmington station on Saturday as they wait for the arrival of the FrontRunner commuter-rail train. Celebrations were held all along the route. (Keith Johnson, Deseret News)


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