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This is Zoe, our 1.5 year old Chihuahua-Yorkie. My wife wanted a dog and I was a little skeptical, but since we bought her in Sep. 06. So things changed pretty quickly, I have become very attached to her now. So much so, that I would say buying her was one of the best decisions we (I) have ever made.

Anyways, she's very quite (not a yappy dog at all), and warm/friendly to anyone she meets. It's hilarious all the little things she's developed since we got her. For one, every time someone calls us on iChat, she recognizes the ring sound and runs to the office to jump on our lap to 'video chat' with whoever is calling. Anyways.. here is our 'kid'!

This was me calling on iChat over Christmas. My sister had her laptop in front of Zoe, and I was talking from the office. She doesn't quite 'get it', but loves when people talk to her via iChat.... she whines back at them.

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