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My step-pugs (my partner's pugs from a former relationship, and yes custody is exchanged once a week):

Emma (aka Sweet Pea, PiggyPug, DrunkyPug, Stomach, EmmaEffer) 8 years old - she's the mellow one, but also the one with an appetite. She's not fat, though - she's big boned! I wouldn't be at all surprised to come home and see her sitting upright on the couch with a beer in one paw and a remote in the other:

Chloe (aka Gurglehead, KissyChloe, Fu Dog, Alien Face Hugger (see the movie below), 7 years old - she's more excitable, prone to get feisty with larger dogs (that's always fun), but she absolutely loves people.

Doing what they do best - other than eating:

This is the result of teaching a dog to give "kisses" instead of biting when they're a puppy. Apparently Emma had a tendency to nip at peoples' fingers (told you she has an appetite), so when Chloe came along, my partner trained her to play nice and give "kisses". This shows the result, Chloe the kissing bandit or Alien Face Hugger, take your pick (12MB movie):

Oh, and Chloe gets indignant if she doesn't get to give me kisses within 20 minutes of getting home.
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