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Cute pictures. Pets? Yeah, I have a few.

This is Sophie, my baby. She's a pure bred miniature poodle. She's 5 years old.

This is Lacy. She's 9. Lacy is Sophie's aunt.

This is Jules. I'm not exactly sure how old he is. He was a stray at an apartment complex. When I first got him he was real shy around the dogs. He wasn't exactly sure about his new home. I'd walk in the bedroom and he'd be on my bed and would jump up like he thought he was in trouble. Now though he pretty much sleeps on my bed all day. He also lounges around the Lego table.

This is my sister's new cat Jodie. He's about 8 months old. He is most definitely still a kitten.

And this is Mittens. He passed away a year a half ago. He was 13.

Mittens hanging out with my brother's Dalmatian Penny.
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