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Originally Posted by Pedestrian View Post
Exactly. That's really why I decided to post this. We all read constantly about people and businesses leaving CA for Texas or, recently in the WSJ, New York.
Companies come and go all the time and they expand all over the world all the time, but it's a totally false narrative to say that Silicon Valley is in decline, or has lost it's ability to drive innovation, and that "everyone" is moving to New York(or London or Austin etc), the way that many media outlets have been reporting.

Fact of the matter is, nowhere incubates ideas into multi-billion dollar corporations quite like the Bay Area

Just today, Lyft started trading and is currently valued at $25 billion, that's astounding. Uber is expected to climb to $125 billion when it goes public soon, Airbnb, Pinterest, Palantir etc, all local companies going public this year and all expected to be valued in the billions.

And I can think of a dozen other local start ups that look like exceptional prospects for the future.

And that's on top of what the region already has going on.

US tech companies with a market capitalization of $5 Billion+, March 28, 2019

Bay Area:
Apple $889.87 Billion
Alphabet $814.95 Billion
Facebook $472.48 Billion
Intel $238.84 Billion
Cisco $234.89 Billion
Oracle $181.79 Billion
Netflix $154.82 Billion
Adobe $128.59 Billion
PayPal $121.85 Billion
Salesforce $119.64 Billion
Broadcom $118.39 Billion
NVIDIA $107.41 Billion
VMWare $73.11 Billion
Intuit $67.16 Billion
Tesla $48.12 Billion
Applied Materials $36.56 Billion
Ebay $33.65 Billion
Autodesk $33.60 Billion
Xilinx $32.04 Billion
Square $31.17 Billion
Electronic Arts $30.62 Billion
HP $29.14 Billion
AMD $27.10 Billion
Twitter $25.21 Billion
Palo Alto Networks $22.34 Billion
HP Networks $20.91 Billion
KLA-Tencor $19.32 Billion
Splunk $18.28 Billion
Cadence Design $17.62 Billion
Synopsys $16.96 Billion
NetApp $16.64 Billion
Twilio $15.54 Billion
Symantec $14.66 Billion
Maxim $14.42 Billion
Fortinet $14.05 Billion
Western Digital $13.31 Billion
Okta $9.13 Billion
Juniper Networks $9.04 Billion
Dropbox $8.84 Billion
DocuSign $8.8 Billion
Guideware $7.8 Billion
Roku $7.08 Billion
Nutanix $6.66 Billion
Mellanox $6.42 Billion
Integrated Device Tech $6.33 Billion
Monolithic Power Systems $5.76 Billion
New Relic $5.64 Billion
Coupa $5.46 Billion
Cypress $5.46 Billion
Pivotal $5.43 Billion

Dell $40.89 Billion
SolarWinds $5.88 Billion
National Instruments $5.87 Billion

Micron $43.54 Billion

Analog Devices $38.33 Billion
Skyworks Solutions $14.02 Billion
Akamai Technologies $11.6 Billion
PTC $10.72 Billion
Cognex $8.59 Billion
IPG Photonics $7.85 Billion
TripAdvisor $7.08 Billion
Teradyne $6.81 Billion
Hubspot $6.47 Billion

Zebra Technologies $11.23 Billion

Dallas-Ft Worth:
Texas Instruments $98.47 Billion
Match $15.56 Billion
Tyler Technologies $7.83 Billion
Sabre $5.86 Billion
RealPage $5.66 Billion

Qorvo $8.62 Billion

SS&C $15.82

Red Hat $32.16 Billion

Los Angeles:
Activation Blizzard $34.85 Billion
Snap $14.25 Billion
The Trade Desk $7.14 Billion
Alteryx $5.18 Billion

Citrix $13.31 Billion
The Ultimate Software $10.44 Billion

Ceridian $7.05 Billion

New York:
Booking Holding Inc $77.82 Billion
Take-Two Interactive $10.92 Billion
Ubiquiti $10.39 Billion
FactSet Research $9.32 Billion
Etsy $8.30 Billion
MongDB $7.94 Billion
Xerox $7.31 Billion

Oklahoma City:
Paycom $10.92 Billion

Microchip Technology $19.32 Billion
ON Semiconductor $8.30 Billion
First Solar $5.46 Billion

ANSYS $15.1 Billion

Cree $5.83 Billion

San Diego:
Qualcomm $68.44 Billion
Teradata $5.14 Billion

Microsoft $897.11 Billion
Amazon $871.11 Billion
Expedia $17.52 Billion
Tableau $10.7 Billion
F5 Networks $9.14 Billion

I think it's safe to say that the Bay Area is in no danger of losing it's crown as the Evil Empire of technology

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