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^^I saw that Theranos show. That's more biotech than tech, of course, but Elizabeth Holmes is quite amazing in the way she took in everybody. I suspect a male might not have been able to do it; who would suspect a beautiful young woman of being a fraud? And she was so convincing it almost seems like she believed her own BS.

I remember when Theranos was still "up and coming" and I remember thinking, "How can they do that?" Guess they couldn't and didn't. But most of what's called "tech" these days is just buisness conducted over the internet and a lot easier to figure out. I just ask myself whether they are selling a service I or anybody I know would really want. Take grocery delivery (and recall the 2000 failure of WebVan): I don't really want someone else picking out my perishables at least (meat, veggies, fruits). So I don't really see these businesses that either deliver such items or even the "meal in a box" outfits surviving long term. On the other hand, I consider the rideshare services as genuinely disruptive and necessary. I think they'll make it in some form though maybe government will force it to change from the way it is today.
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