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Originally Posted by mhays View Post
An exodus doesn't have to mean a reduction.
Exactly. That's really why I decided to post this. We all read constantly about people and businesses leaving CA for Texas or, recently in the WSJ, New York. But the point of this thread kind of is that even though people and companies are leaving, more are arriving (from other parts of the US and also from places like Europe and Israel) or springing up than are leaving and the tech economy in the Bay Area is still growing.

CA is really a birthing center and incubator of companies and jobs, but once they reach a certain stage some of them do choose to leave for someplace the competition for workers and the cost of doing business or housing those workers is lower. But as that's happening, more businesses are arriving or being founded.

An example of what's happening:

Lia Kislev and Clea O’Hana, who started the online personal-styling company Wishi in Israel and San Francisco in 2016, are in the process of closing their California office. Silicon Valley was a good environment for perfecting Wishi’s algorithm, they said, but the majority of fashion retailers, clients and stylists the company works with are located in the Big Apple.

“We found ourselves flying to New York every week, so it just made more sense to be there,” said Ms. Kislev, 34 years old.

Mses. Kislev and O’Hana, who have six employees in New York and plan to hire six more, said the city’s robust female-founder community was another selling point. Women in the retail industry have opened doors and offered advice on topics like how to get male investors interested in fashion startups, Ms. O’Hana, 29, said.
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