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Here's a tour of the brand new 1.2 million sqft Tsawwassen Mills that opened in the beginning of the month near the Tsawwassen ferry terminal in Delta, BC. This huge development on First Nations land has been a very controversial due to its nature of being a huge car-dependent mega-mall far away from all major cities.

You can really see its size from the air and how the surrounding area is currently just farm land. There are 6,000 parking spaces at the mall and there is another part called Tsawwassen Commons under construction behing the main mall.

The 6,000-car parking lot is absolutely massive and there are dedicated parking spaces for all kinds of shoppers.

Inside they have used different natural materials that make for a very pleasing appearance. There is lots of wood and even the lighting is soft and warm.

There are many art installations all over the mall which are a nice touch.

Some of the art pieces are really beautiful.

There are few cafeterias along the long corridors, but the 1,100-seat food court in the middle is where most restaurants are at (minus Boston Pizza and Montana's, which have separate entrances on the side. The food court is a busy place, but I didn't find the noise level too bad.

There are around 200 stores inside the main mall, but the main attraction is the very first Bass Pro Shop in British Columbia. It occupies a huge section of the eastern wing and is an attraction on its own. As I hope my photos will show, it's definitely worth a visit!

What they don't have at the store, you don't need. The selection is massive.

One of the many in-store attractions is a aquatic themed bowling alley and bar! The place was packed with families on a Saturday night and I can see it remaining busy, as the setting is very unique.

They have not spared any costs with the store and another attraction is the grand hallway through the store. With dozens of animals on display, it is a big draw for families.

Yes, there is even a waterfall and a huge fish tank with big fish!

The hallway leads to a separate entrace to the store through a very nice cabin themed lobby.

I presume that all the animals are real or at least they looked very life-like!

Back on the outside.

They have definitely learned from the opening weekend gong show, when people were stuck in a parking lot congestion for as long as four hours! Now there are guides at every entrance indicating that there are several exits from the mall.

Overall I was impressed by how much effort they have put into making Tsawwassen Mills a destination and Bass Pro Shop definitely is a must-see. There is a lot draw with this place, even though it is very far from most big residential areas and a car is needed. That is also the shame part about the mall, but I think it has lots of potential and we had a good time and will be visiting occassionally in the future.

I hope you enjoyed my tour of the place.
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