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Originally Posted by bunt_q View Post
I can't contribute much in terms of how to implement it... but the map is an EXCELLENT idea. With some quality control, maybe, so only the best threads get featured. But I know that is 5 seconds of looking at it I saw half a dozen Okayyou threads that I have missed completely over the years.
Thanks Bunt. I'd still like to try and get the map implemented but also have no idea how to do so properly. Mods, can anyone pass this up to the SSP management? Is that how things work here?

I've had some more ideas about improving the photo forums. I'm not sure why the photo forums are divided into A-M and N-Z. I think when more people were on the site it was to help new threads from being pushed off the main page and vanishing into oblivion. Now I don't think that would happen so much. What I have noticed is that there are really two types of threads that people post. Packaged sets that represent a city or neighborhood and city threads that are continuously updated. Maybe it would make more sense to separate the city threads based on whether they are updated continuously or not. Anyone else have input on this?

Also, I was thinking about starting a Critique thread. Is there any interest in posting photos and letting other people critique them?
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