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That was the idea behind this thread, to improve the photo forums so activity is increased. It's pretty dead around here most days. As far as the suggestions, do they need to be PM'd to the site Admins? Do they want to improve this area of the site or are they happy with the way it is?

I think the photocontest revamp was helpful and has seen good participation. The getting to know the SSP photographers was good to get going again but it stalls out pretty easily. There doesn't seem to be much discussion after an interview is posted. As mentioned previously, I think the question format could change.

Quickrpickr is a web app that generates BB code from your flickr photos. It saves a lot of time. For instance you can search for all the photos with a certain tag and it will output bb code based on the parameters you specify. It works ok, but I still have to use Excel to mass edit the generated code because there are no dynamic thread editing features here on the site.
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