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Update 1.69 - ^First of all, thanks Flamesrule, and everybody else thusfar who has cruised into this thread and commented. :-)

A frontal view of the State Street Residential Project shows recently added Ascension Spire (Trivia: I got the open-topped pentacle design idea from an episode of The Dresden Files, where it appeared briefly.) Three taller towers will soon be going up behind the complex:

A pseudo-night time/negative view looking north from South State Street is shown below. A 200-foot cross and lightning bolt monument (intended to be the primary symbol of the FFF, or Fellowship of Federal Fraternities, which is the Empire's primary pseudo-religious State-sanctioned institution) stands directly in front of the Stock Exchange building. (Athena Tower)

The left and presently undeveloped side of State Street as shown below is going to be turned into medium-density commercial and residential city blocks. Most of the buildings there will be two to not more than ten stories tall, marking a distinct contrast from the trend of large scale buildings. Additionally, trees, grass, small monuments and lamp posts will be going in soon, in order to make the streets themselves more clearly defined.

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