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Well, Prussia is (part of) Germany. Prussia and Russia are completely different places. But yes, I had heard that the Tsar sought to "Europeanize" Russia and this is why he built the new capital of St. Petersburg and invited Germans to settle. So the similar appearance isn't surprising, I just haven't had the opportunity to visit and see it for myself.
Well, Prussia does not exist anymore. Eastern part is absorbed by Poland and Russia, and Western part does not exist as a state. Today at least, it is only a part of Germany's past, although we can never be sure about future.

I do not doubt that Prussia was part of Germany and never suggested that Prussia and Russia were the same thing or place.

I just do not have a good feel for how Prussian architechture is different from Bavarian, Saxon or Austrian (all of them German to me in a greater sense), so to me a lot of St Petersburg architechture looks German but not specifically Prussian. Maybe it is Prussian after all.
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