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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
Gaylord Wilshire, your "James Ellroy Tour" sounds interesting.
Ellroy's book about his own mother's unsolved murder is really haunting.
I found it difficult to get it out of my mind.
To be honest with you, I could never really get through his fiction because of his grating "patois"--I think the only novel I read all the way through was The Black Dahlia. But I agree that My Dark Places is superb. As you say, haunting. A must-read for anyone interested in Los Angeles noir. If I find that tour I made for myself, I'll let you know. But it seems you can have it directly from the source--apparently Ellroy gives his own tours. I found this as I was looking for the above picture: . I may have to plan my next trip around one of them.
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