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The "Lucy" video must have JUST been pulled. It worked fine yesterday morning, and I've watched it before here.

As for the Fleur de Lis, perhaps Ellroy was inspired by this one in Hollywood, "originally built for actresses — an apartment hotel for those on their way up." NOT that one still equates acting with prostitution--the ladies who built the original WCTU building downtown might have done so, but I would never make such an assumption, even in these days of Paris Hilton etc...hmmm, or would I?) Anyway, I wonder if the Grand Ave Fleur de Lis later moved itself to N. Whitley, or if it's just another hotel by that name. I know that the Black Dahlia was living in an apartment building on N. Cherokee when she died, also apparently for single young ladies, very close to N. Whitley--I'm sure Ellroy would have known about that building. Btw, I once made up a "James Ellroy Tour" using his book "My Dark Places"--centers on Hancock Park, Larchmont area, and other areas north of Wilshire toward downtown, his childhood addresses and young-adult haunts.... a good noir-in-the-daytime driving tour. I'l have to see if I can dig it out.
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