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Section 3 : Bergen to Stryn

The drive from Bergen north to Trondheim is long but extremely scenic. Don't rush through it. Take your time and make plenty of detours. I took 4 days to explore this small quadrant of Norway and thought it was a bit rushed.

The E39 highway passes through many small towns and fjords as it heads north from Bergen. With few cars, make safe stops along the way when the scenery appeals to your senses.

The road turns into a ferry at Ytre Oppedal. Many highways in the country pass through bodies of water, and regular ferries transport both vehicles and people across, where the road resumes.

After the first ferry ride, the highway winds its way around the coast through a number of small towns.

At Vadheim, leave the highway and take the 55 along the coast for a beautiful detour.

A good lunch stop is the larger town of Balestrand, where you can eat by the coastline and admire the clear fjord waters.

After filling up, head along the coast a little more then inland on the 13.

The road will start zig-zagging uphill. This is the Gaularfjellet, one of the country's 18 scenic routes. Originally requested in 1853, it finally opened in 1938 and became a major transport route across the mountain. Stop at the Utsikten observation area where you can admire the road's ascent as well as the mountain backdrop at 700m above sea level.

After enjoying the view, continue down the 13 as it winds through a few lakes on the way back to the E39.

More photos on my website.
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