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The second largest economy in the Americas: beautiful pictures of Brazil

All the following images are from the forum SSC, in the brazilian section, from a thread called "Aquarela do Brasil" , which is still in the front page of the brazilian section of the forum SSC.

Brazil is the second largest economy in all the Americas, second only to the US, and larger than Canada. In the world, it is the 8th largest, adjusted for ppp, purchasing power parity. It has the 5th largest territory in the planet, the sixth largest population, the 6th richest in natural resources, the 10th largest reserves of US dollars and it is a stable liberal democracy. It is the fourth largest democracy in the world. It is a capitalist country, with freedom of speech and religious freedom. It has a tradition of being neutral in other countries affairs, like Switzerland.

Brazil attracted immigrants from all over the world and it has the largest non-indigenous population in the world, after the US.
It´s member of a wide range of international organizations, and according to the WTO, it is an advanced economy. Per capita income doesn´t mean much thing, as not everyone has that income. According to the OECD, Brazil ´s income is distributed along the population in a very similar way as the US. Brazil is also a major NATO ally.

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