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hkskyline's 2018 Road Trip in Spectacular Norway

To appreciate what Norway has to offer, you need to drive long distances and make many unexpected stops along the way. A standard itinerary covering 1/3 the length of the country can easily fill 2 weeks, with every day being long and intense thanks to the midnight sun. My road trip could only go as north as Trondheim.

Section 1 : Oslo to Bergen (2 days)

The route between Oslo and Bergen is quite popular among tourists. For single travellers, many go for a public transport itinerary with a combination of rail and ferry connections. For a larger group, I would suggest renting a car, as you can stop along the way to enjoy the mountain scenery.

From Oslo to Bergen ...

For a food break, some gas stations offer hot meals at a more reasonable price. Norway is a very high-cost country.

While I had a specific list of attractions in mind along the journey, there were also many other random places that are worth a few minutes' break.

Near Hemsedal

You can easily have nature all to yourself. Other cars do occasionally pass but there are even less stopping and taking a look at the view.

I didn't see that many trailers on the roads. With such natural beauty, this way of touring the country would be quite sweet as well.

The Borgund Stave Church was built in 1180 and was purchased by the National Trust of Norway in 1877 for preservation.

The E16 highway connecting Oslo and Bergen turns into a tunnel across the mountains at Laerdal. For a more scenic way through the topography, head uphill along the Aurlandsfjellet, which opened as a construction access road in 1967. Reaching 1306m above the sea level, this road has various viewpoints along the way.

Although most of this road is closed for the winter, the section from Stegastein is open year-round. This viewpoint juts out 30m from the cliffside, 650m above the Aurlandsfjord.

More photos on my website :
Next Stop : Bergen to Hardangerfjord

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