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Silex is under construction in la Part-Dieu. It will be rising soon as shown by villeman.

See post #75 for renderings, it's tall enough to enhance the district skyline.
There are more renderings, though.

The crown takes quite a bit of the whole thing, increasing its height, eh. It's actually 23-floor tall, which is yet not bad.

They don't really know what's up about Two Lyon. The project might be scaled-down by Vinci to a single 140m tower, cause they'd be working on another highrise elsewhere, a couple of hundred yards away from the Part-Dieu station, but that's only some hearsay.

NIMBYism doesn't seem the awful issue it is in Greater Paris over there; their problem is mainly how to draw more and more businesses to fill in a bunch of new highrises.
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