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What they're building in their Confluence district.

Below is still under construction.

I believe they're going to cover it all in this kind of cladding, in the same fashion as that of the orange one above.

What's right next door:

Some residential components, definitely including some social housing, built around a central green square.

Further to the right.

Now to the left.

Still going to the left.

This is it all from the other side of the garden.

Next door:

And this chrome looking thing is still next door.

By the way, now let's focus on mateirals in there.

Okay, below is actually between the green plastic and the chrome we've just passed.


Coming back right onto the garden, closer look at materials with a funny shutter to the right picture below.

Then going to the right, you get this.

I hope you can see how crazy that facade below is.

What's next to the right?... This.

Then more chrome.

And this thing, still going to the right.

And finally:

I guess this shot will summerize the diversity and the density of facades around the garden.

We're not done yet. This is how the neighborhood looks just a few steps away from the garden. You should figure it if you've been watchful.

Can you recognize the blue building? It's just 2 shots above. And from there, the diversity of facades just looks awesome.

This is a mall serving the district, just facing the facades above.

You may get there by the tram.

In short, that's seemingly a carefully planned neighborhood. I stole all the pictures from SSP member zeb's flickr, hoping he doesn't mind.
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