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Good thread. I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, and underneath the Manhattan Bridge on the Brooklyn side briefly when I was in NY. I can't wait until I get my head above water financially enough to justify going back. There is no darn way in the world that you can properly see even a fraction of New York in three days. I have a bit of a fantasy about one day living there, though I don't know if that will ever actually happen.

Originally Posted by Dac150 View Post
All in all I never take for granted the bridges of New York City.
Though I'm not from New York, but I do often think about how we drive over our bridges carelessly, almost oblivious of the fact that they are engineering marvels and nearly forgetting that we would in many cases be entirely stuck on one side of the water without them.

Tacoma has the twin Narrows Bridges. Travel by car between the center of town and Gig Harbor only takes five or ten minutes. It would take hours if those bridges weren't there. Heck, not that long ago it was scientifically impossible to cross the Mississippi.
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